Use Algorithms for your trading decisions

Make your Trading business profitable with our Algo Trading services.

Make order execution easy and fast by EasyTrader ...

EasyTrader is a Software that executes orders automatically. EasyTrader can be configured with any broker who supports API integration. Signals generated from Amibroker, Excel or any application can be processed by EasyTrader.

Our Services

Strategy Development in Amibroker

Are you have a profitable trading idea and needs to be automated? We will help in automating it by creating Amibroker formula and integrate it with your broker.

Algo Trading Training

Become an algorithm trader by learning Amibroker formula creation, Trading system design and integration. We provide one to one online Training on Algo Trading.

Technical Analysis Training

Do you want to learn more on how to analyze the price movements using patterns, indicators, support and resistance levels? Learn to execute trading strategies that are high probability of success.

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